• Defined your personal and professional standards?
• Accepted conflict and problems as inevitable and natural?
• Learned a variety of ways people deal with conflict?
• Been held hostage in the workplace?
• Second-guessed your decisions into fuzzy confusion?


• For your voice to be heard?
• To be effective while remaining authentic, without sacrificing your integrity?
• To move from chaos into creativity when challenges occur?
• To be respected rather than patronized?
• To be supported rather than sabotaged?

Learn practical, purposeful, and reassuring solutions that will lead to improved communication. Meet the in-house coach with more than 25 years at Executive Management Levels and highly respected HR expert. She knows exactly what to do the next time employees, and their own leaders tell them what they won't do.

Been there, done that and learned the lessons. DINNY TRINIDAD's experiences are relevant and her advice is no-nonsense and real. Easy to implement skills, alternative thinking strategies and action plans will be offered with great insight and compassion, delightfully delivered with laughter and wit.

Join the group moving forward. Participate in real life examples pulled from everyday challenges that most leaders face. Get specific dialogue for handling them with clarity, firmness, connectivity and compassion. Be the real leader you are in your own special way.

For more information: dinnyrealleader@gmail.com, call (808) 294-5756 or fill out this form.