dinny trinidadDENICIA TRINIDAD speaks to the value of human resources by honoring the connection of leadership, team engagement, wellness and commitment. With more than 25 years in Human Resources leadership, “Dinny” brings first hand knowledge in organizational development, strategic planning, creating union-free environments, labor law and corporate culture and vision building.

She has designed corporate programs in training, and employee relations philosophies. Dinny has addressed audiences on the impact of positive human connections and consulted with corporations to create union-free environments and defeating organizing efforts.

She has designed comprehensive wellness programs that revitalize personal and professional commitments to excellence and boosts bottom-line profits. Dinny has been encouraged by business leaders to share her experiences and values, her tenacity and “coming from the gut” style.

Internationally published author Sam Horn asked her to teach utilizing strategies for effective communications and was personally certified in Tongue Fu! in 2005. Sam has gone on record stating, “Whether mediating a heated dispute or offering a sympathetic ear to an employee, Dinny is that rare individual who has earned the trust and respect of management and the front-line. She is a role model professional who acts with integrity and inspires those around her to do the same.”

Born and raised in Hawaii, Dinny is committed to sharing lessons learned throughout her career in an effort to lift others higher and to applaud their growth and successes.

JERRY TRINIDAD is grounded in 30+ years of law enforcement and will use real-life stories and offer specific recommendations to ensure positive, productive behavior for all involved. He is recently retired from the Honolulu Police Department as a detective specializing in the areas of conflict resolution, mediation and hostage negotiations. Jerry’s work includes critical stress debriefing and conflict resolution at many levels.

Jerry has developed workplace-training programs including seminars on the prevention of workplace violence, conflict resolution and active listening and response strategies. He is a certified mediator and certified Tongue Fu!® Trainer, teaching skills to deflect, disarm, and defuse any verbal conflict.