Come, We Go Talk Story.

Today’s fast-paced business environment needs quick, easy and original solutions for leaders. The Real Leader series is slight on theory and packed with practical and reassuring action skills and behaviors to start leaders on their journey to create supportive followers and future leaders.

Talk Story is a unique and comfortable way to invite others in, learn and share knowledge. Each of the four sessions will focus on a different value that complements and strengthens a leader. Two hours together will include shared real life experiences and the lessons learned. The second part of the session will be open to concerns, issues and problems facing leaders that are resulting in their retreating to the bench and away from the game where mastery takes place. Participants will learn that they can be the real leader in their own special way.

I. Responsibility

When was the last time you pulled over and enjoyed a bright colored rainbow because it felt right?  And when was the last time, after being criticized for working on “Hawaiian Time” because you pulled over, that you lost a bit of you and your confidence? Explore your leadership gifts, where they came from and how you can hold on tight to your confidence. That confidence translates to those who follow and trust you to give them what is needed to get their job done by simply doing the right thing.

Lessons Learned:

Define your leadership style and how it serves or sabotages you and others.  You will learn the value of refueling your energy reserve and if it means taking a few unexpected moments to do so, do.  Kuleana.

II. Grace

When was the last time you lost your voice – or chose to silence your response to a statement or accusation?  We will dissect issues, positions and interests of all concerned and place compassion and empathy as the priority in influencing change in a situation that may be causing negative thoughts or fear.  The next time someone accuses, “you’re a junk supervisor,” do you (a) defend your actions and experiences, (b) deny the sentiments and pull out the “boss” card, or (c) respond to their accusation with a question?

Lessons Learned:

Self-esteem is not situational.  Do not be content to be common by becoming one of a kind and not one of many.  Aloha.

III. Generosity

When was the last time someone shared a story about your kindness – and you didn’t remember the event they recall in great detail?  Expressing genuine appreciation, inspiring others to find their motivation and taking action to lead their success is right.  Leaders have followers because they are respected, supportive and authentic.  Understand the limits of others, speak softly and move from chaos to creativity when turning on the lights in a person’s eyes.

Lessons Learned:

Be the change you wish to see by being bold in your choices, listening to your gut and setting an example for others.  Be nice, be strong, and share your integrity. Lokomaika’i.

IV. Problem Solver

Was there a time when you chose to hope that the issue would resolve itself?   Management by avoidance does not make the problem go away and it sacrifices a leader’s integrity.  Go to “You” from “I” and put the issue right back in rightful hands.  Great leaders identify the source of a problem, and fix it.  Great leaders know when someone is not performing well and take steps to understand why, and improve the situation and environment.  Great leaders Ask, Act and Advise.  Greater leaders know not to override their instincts by intellectualizing a situation and turning their strength into an Achilles heel.

Lessons Learned:

Leadership is problem solving and you are expected to know what is going on by being present, by being conscious.   Be original – personalize your responses and strategies.  If people have not heard it before, you have created an original plan. He’ole ka pu’u nui.


Your Daily C’s: Culture, Clarity and Creativity – The front line will be motivated to care about the bottom line and will be accountable for quality service and results.

Productive Workplace – Harassment, discrimination and the confusion that leads to potentially violent workplace situations are discussed in highly interactive workshops and participants leave knowing how good choices and not-so-good choices help or hurt their personal and professional effectiveness.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation – We do not lecture, blame, scold or point fingers; we inspire individuals to voice concerns, positions and interests with goals of mutual agreement and commitment to make constructive changes for positive impact.

Road to Wellness – Is your company concerned about last productivity due to workplace injuries and stress-related illness? We will design a program that revitalizes personal and professional commitment to excellence and boosts bottom-line profits.